As the West Coast pioneers in the water art industry, with over 45 years on the cutting edge of this artistic, highly specialized field, and with many award-winning projects to our credit, Pacific Water Art is proud to offer a comprehensive line of water feature services. Working within the client’s desired framework we help Developers, Landscape Architects and Contractors make the client’s vision a reality by creating an intriguing waterfeature that will stand the test of time and require minimal care.

Our artisans, plumbers and craftsmen use their extensive knowledge of water display design, construction and maintenance to masterfully blend artificial and environmental elements, harmoniously balancing nature with the man-made. A highly disciplined shop, we always bring our projects in on time and on budget.

A full-service company, Pacific Water Art offers the following professional services:

  • Water feature Design
    If you know what you envision your water feature to look like and how you want it to function but aren’t sure how to make that happen, Pacific Water Art will find an architect who can work with our highly creative artisans and designers to help us bring your vision to life. If necessary, we will design-build on site to ensure the completed water art is everything you imagined.
  • Consulting
    Whether the project is commercial or high-end residential, Pacific Water Art will consult with contractors, architects, builders, plumbers, businesses and homeowners to help them decide the best way to incorporate water art into their overall construction and landscaping designs.
  • Construction
    Come to us with any water feature blue-prints and our craftsmen will work to your specifications, design-building on site whenever the project requires unexpected modifications to make it look and function exactly as desired.
  • Artificial Rockwork
    One of the few highly experienced experts in this challenging and creative field, Pacific Water Art can design realistic stone formations of any size and shape, then integrate them with strategic landscaping and elegant water art to create a serene, natural environment.
  • Maintenance Services
    Once your water features have been installed, they require regular care and inspection. Our maintenance department will regularly perform water quality and other tests to keep your water clear and algae-free, maintain the health of any plant-life in the fountain display and check the function of any mechanical or computerized components and the structural integrity of all materials to keep your water art running perpetually problem-free.

Pacific Water Art means craftsmanship forged from decades of experience and an uncompromising commitment to quality and customer service, old-fashioned traits setting us apart from our competitors and explaining why much of our work is repeat business. Tell us what you need and we will take the time to design or build your water art with painstaking attention to detail and the highest quality materials. At Pacific Water Art, Inc., we take great pride in creating beautiful, eye-catching water features and ensuring our clients’ satisfaction.

Now owned and run by President and CEO Dirk Rohloff, Pacific Water Art, Inc. was originally founded in 1962 by Rohloff’s father, Gary Rohloff, a German immigrant, and to this day the company continues to reflect the family’s love of nature, art, architecture and quality craftsmanship. Gary initially immigrated to the West Coast of Vancouver, Canada, where his prior experience working on teletype machines in Germany helped him find work. But the elder Rohloff had the heart of an entrepreneur and the eye of an artist, so he combined his experience in the building trades with his appreciation for fine art and sculpture and started designing and building his own fountains in his spare time, displaying them at country fairs.

Dirk earned a degree in zoology with the intention of going on to dental school, but building was in his blood, and he ultimately found himself drawn to the building trades industry, planning to start a business as a custom home builder/developer.

But in 1980, when Pacific Water Art’s rapidly growing reputation and referral base became too much for his father to keep up with alone, Dirk decided to put all his efforts into helping him grow the company. He is quick to point out that his zoology expertise has not gone to waste. He explains, “Knowing a great deal about water chemistry, botany, aquatic and micro-organisms, insects, fish, pond and marine ecosystem management really helps me with the landscaping and water art maintenance parts of our business.” He continues, “Naturally landscaped water displays can create their own little ecosystems. It’s important to understand the impact the water art will have on the surrounding environment and perfectly integrate the two.

“For a year Dirk and his father worked tirelessly to keep up with the increasing number of small commercial and residential fountain projects, but by 1981 it was evident that they must expand their staff to keep up with the company’s growth. As the computer and hi-tech industries boom brought a flood of large, influential companies to the Silicon Valley, Pacific Water Art, Inc. found itself deluged with increasingly challenging projects, each bringing more referrals and building the company’s reputation as the premiere provider of waterscapes in northern California.In 1982, their fountain project Milpitas City Hall was featured on the cover of the San Jose Yellow Pages. Since then, Pacific Water Art’s skill, artistry and unique eye for composition garnered them the respect of the building trades industry, several times receiving special effects awards from both state and San Francisco Bay area Landscape Contractor’s Associations.Today Pacific Water Art employs over 30 highly skilled plumbers, designers, licensed journeyman and customer service support people and hires additional skilled artisans and laborers as needed.

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